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What is a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)? Kennesaw, GA

What is a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)?

Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder (also called adhesive capsulitis) is a common disorder that can worsen over time if not treated. It causes stiffness, loss of range of motion and pain in the shoulder. As a result, simple daily tasks like reaching for a glass in an overhead cupboard or fastening a bra can be impossible.

Frozen Shoulder Risks and Causes

Frozen shoulder affects more women than men, mainly people between 40 and 60 years old. Some known causes include extended periods of immobilization due to surgery, injury or illness, but otherwise, the reason is not fully understood.

For example, the shoulder joint capsule may thicken and become stiff when the arm is put in a cast or sling for a few weeks or longer. As a result, the shoulder no longer cooperates when the cast or sling comes off.

The condition occurs when the connective tissue enclosing the glenohumeral joint thickens, becoming tight and inflamed. Sometimes scar tissue may form between the joint and the head of the humerus bone, causing further stiffness.

Full recovery is possible, but it takes lots of effort and time. At Medici Spine & Pain, we offer frozen shoulder treatment to alleviate pain and help you regain mobility.

The Shoulder’s Elaborate Architecture

The glenohumeral joint is a complex ball-and-socket arrangement that allows the shoulder to move forward and backward and the arm to rotate and extend outward from the body. It gives the shoulder its vast and varied range of motion.

The glenohumeral joint is protected by a flexible capsule surrounded by ligaments, tendons and bursae – all working together to keep the joint moving smoothly while holding the muscles and bones together. It is an elaborate architecture of soft tissues and bone, making the shoulder super flexible but highly vulnerable to injury and regular wear and tear.

Frozen Shoulder Treatments

It can be frustrating to have restricted mobility and pain when doing simple, necessary activities like showering. Fortunately, frozen shoulder treatments can relieve pain and gradually restore the joint’s normal range of motion.

You will likely have a physical therapist teach you appropriate stretching exercises to continue on your own at home. It would be wise to avoid strenuous activities such as lifting or reaching for things overhead throughout your recovery period. Eventually, you will resume your usual activity level, as long as you follow your treatment plan and stretch. Over 90% of frozen shoulder patients improve with nonsurgical measures.

Medici Spine & Pain specialists can tailor a treatment plan for your needs that will help speed up recovery and improve your life. It may include nonsurgical modalities such as anti-inflammatory injections, physical therapy and other treatments. Rarely is surgery required.

Reach out to Medici Spine & Pain today if you have the symptoms of a frozen shoulder so we can schedule a consultation.

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To Dr. Sonny and all the staff at Marietta: What a wonderful appointment I had at Medici for epidural injections! I can't say enough about Jana and Sarah and the gentleman in the back and front office personnel also. They were so caring and friendly; it was quite entertaining while waiting for my turn! They have such a pleasant camaraderie together and engage the patients in conversation too. They bring a very comfortable atmosphere to all. It sure helped pass the time and alleviate any anxiety one might have. The best part is I walked out with NO PAIN. However, later I realized that was mostly due to the local anesthesia... Ha, ha on me! I know it is a temporary fix, but I will enjoy it as long as it is effective. I thank all who I've been in touch with during this journey. You're all awesome at all locations!! P.S. Jana and Sarah: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME ON AND OFF THOSE NARROW TORTUOUS BEDS!!!! It was my biggest fear!!! Blessings to all...."I'll be back!!"

Joy P.

Dr. Geiger is heaven sent. After one visit hearing my story of dealing with 13 years of awful pain from shingles, she changed my medications. That night I started the new medications and have remained pain free. I still use lidocaine patches but the new medications have made All the difference. She's deeply caring for her patients and thorough in her questions and examination. Too bad I didn't know of her earlier. She has changed my life and I thank God everyday she's in my life. I can't find enough words to praise her skills and thank her for being my caregiver. Apparently she has recently moved here from Florida and we are glad to have her here.

Dr. Dosanjh Patient

Dr. Dosanjh is extremely knowledgeable in his specialty with remarkable knowledge of anatomy and the causes of pain. His ability to diagnose the cause of pain and then provide a complete set of progressive options for resolution is superb. His friendly demeanor enhances the doctor-patient relationship.

Madinah A.

This is MY GUY here I love sonny so much people dont even understand. Whe my primary didnt know what was wrong g with me Sonny did sent me for MRI and it was good from there. I been with sonny for 4 years and counting if I ever move Im coming to Sonny. Also every staff member he got is family to me. When I say this is a dam good doctor HE IS THE BEST.


Everyone in this office is TERRIFIC. Starting from the front office checking in, and going into the room for my visit with dr. Sonny Dosanjh. Dr. Sonny is EXCELLENT he really cares about his patients, he listens to what I have to say, does not interrupt me, he is very concerned about what is going on with me and my health concerns. He really cares. I would highly recommend this office to anyone! They really care and they are genuine. My PCP recommended Dr. Sonny and I'm ever so grateful for that

Dr. Dosanjh Patient

Thoroughly appreciated the medical services provided by Dr. Dosanjh. Dr. Dosanjh is very confident in his patient care and concern. I would definitely refer others and have been telling others about my experience at Medici Spine & Pain both Kennesaw and Buckhead. I wish he took my insurance, as I have injuries not related to my work incident for which I was seeing Dr. Dosanjh. Thank you so very much, Dr. Dosanjh! The staff is warm, welcoming and cheerful and most helpful.


Dr. Dosanjh is a very smart, caring doctor who is highly skilled in his field. He spends whatever time is necessary to "hear" his patients and to explain the proper and best results course of action. I have a very complicated head and neck injury, so it was essential to me to have someone who truly listened with undivided attention, and thought outside the box when necessary. His staff is exemplary. They could not be more helpful and thoughtful. Lucy in particular is a gift of sunshine.

Jill C.

Dr. Sonny is the best! He has done more for me in 2 months than my previous doctor did in 14 years! If you truly want to get out of pain, then contact Dr. Sonny immediately! I just cannot reiterate how incredible a doctor he is! For that matter, his entire staff is warm and inviting! And to top it off, as a patient you get free use of their amazing gym. Highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Sonny!

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