Medici Method

We understand the devastating impact chronic pain imposes on your life. The Medici team is committed to Optimally Restoring your Quality of Life with the most effective, least invasive, least drug-dependent program medically available today.

A thorough medical examination and review of your medical history by our Fellowship-Trained, Interventional Pain Management physicians begins the process. They may order additional current imaging and diagnostics. Your multi-disciplinary team will then identify the source of your pain and develop a Treatment Plan using integrative solutions.

Medici Medical Arts will provide most medical services and refer to specialists and outside services to round out your Treatment Plan. Coordinating, scheduling and monitoring every aspect of your plan is an integral part of the Medici Method.

Once the cause is identified, there are essentially three approaches to breaking the “Pain Cycle.”

First Choice – Attack the Cause of Pain

The most effective approach is to stop the pain at its source. Depending on the pain site and the mechanism generating the pain, your team will consider a range of procedures to physically treat the source of the pain. These may range from simple office procedures up to and including surgery.

Second Choice – Interrupt the Pain Cycle

We have a wide range of minimally invasive medical procedures to interrupt or, break the “Pain Cycle.” These procedures interrupt pain signals and block the pain.

Third Choice – Mitigiate the Pain

These options generally involve a mix of procedures and medications plus a program of therapy, exercise, stress reduction, weight loss and general wellness with a minimal dependence of pharmacological solutions. Any pain can be masked with opiates. Medically it can be a quick, simple solution. Too often, the euphoric high rather than pain relief becomes the goal.

Some patients who require these strong medications. For them, their Treatment Plan includes a psychiatric evaluation, ongoing therapy, and regular drug screening to assure compliance with Medici Medical’s stringent patient contract for medication management.

The Center for Disease Controls (CDC) says of the 22,114 deaths relating to pharmaceutical overdose in 2012, 16,007 (72%) involved opioid analgesics (also called opioid pain relievers or prescription painkillers),

Medici Method

Sonny Dosanjh, M.D., our Chief Medical Officer and his colleagues developed the Medici Method as a core philosophical tenet, to extend optimal care and well-being for our patients and their care-givers.

Our commitment to our patients and our communities is to prescribe narcotics only when absolutely necessary.
No single modality provides complete relief of symptoms, combining multiple modalities allows for synergy among treatments. We treat the pain but more importantly, we treat the condition. Treatment is intended to relieve pain and restore function


Quick fix pharmacological solutions only mask the pain, but the Medici Method prepares “whole patient” treatment plans employing the most appropriate procedures within the scope of our specialty, supplemented by other specialists and treatment modalities as indicated. We don’t limit our care plan to our services, but recommend the best solution and help you follow that plan every step of the way.